Who We Are?

Founded under the leadership of Murat Karaduman - Chairman of the Board at K Yapı Inc- and Selahattin Özdoğan -an avid golfer for nearly 20 years- the mission of Ataşehir Golf Club is to instill a love for golf in wide-ranging audiences. Ataşehir Golf Club is the embodiment of the “a golf course right in the city” dream and is easily accessible to professional as well as amateur golfers at all times. The Club has the distinction to be only the third one in Istanbul and is also the only one located on the Anatolian side of the city.

Catering to professional players, as well as those new to but interested in the sport, Ataşehir Golf Club is the first example of a golf course inside the city -a rising recent trend in Europe. The course has six holes and can be completed in approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, allowing you to make the time for golf within the daily hustle and bustle.  Ataşehir Golf Club offers a variety of options for training as well as academic endeavors.

  • 99% of Golf is Skill

    One is born with talent; skill, however, is developed later in life. 99% of what one needs to succeed in golf is the skill.

    Tiger Woods
  • Golf; a never-ending learning adventure

    I have never completed 18 holes, without learning something new about the game of golf.

    Ben Hogan
  • Risk!

    Fear is the worst of all risks.

    Sam Snead
  • Concentration...

    Concentration is a joint product of confidence and a drive to succeed.

    Arnold Palmer
  • Golf imitates life

    No other game resembles the one we call life, as much as golf does. Sometimes a bad swing brings forth a great result, while at other times a good swing gets you in trouble. But, no matter what, you have to pick up the game from where the ball lands.

    Bobby Jones

About Us

About Ataşehir Golf Club

Built on 50 decares of land, Ataşehir Golf Club is right at the heart of Ataşehir, one of the rising districts of Istanbul. Referred to as “An oasis within the city”, the club is situated in the middle a complex, encompassing residences, finance and shopping centers in a lush green space.

Built starting in 2017, Ataşehir Golf Club has 2,900 trees and two lakes, offering golf enthusiasts 5 courses par 3, ranging from 100 to 150 meters and one par 4 courses of 190 meters. 

The Club also has junior range space with 12 of these open and 18 enclosed, as well as putting and chipping fields.