Okan Alıcı

Okan Alıcı began golf in 1997 at the Istanbul Golf Club as a caddy over the weekends, thereafter participating in various amateur tournaments as a licensed athlete between 1998 and 2007. Winning important amateur tournaments during this period, Alıcı started to train golfers in 2007 at the İstanbul Golf Club as an assistant golf instructor. Receiving his license as a Level 1 Trainer in 2008, and as a Level 2 Trainer in 2009, Okan Alıcı continued to work as a trainer at the Istanbul Golf Club until 2017. Having joined Ataşehir Golf Club in 2017, he works as an Expert Golf Trainer.

Ahmet Can Küçük

Introduced to golf at the age of nine at the Classis Golf Club, Ahmet Can Küçük was an active golfer for ten years. Following a break from active participation in the sport, he specialized as a trainer. Continuing his education at Marmara University’s Faculty of Sports Sciences, Küçük, joined Ataşehir Golf Club as a Level 2 trainer in 2018.