All equipment that you will need to discover the lively world of golf awaits you at the PROSHOP, located within the Ataşehir Golf Club. Everything from irons, putters, drivers, golf balls and tee markers, as well as golf outfits, gloves and bags are conveniently available at the PROSHOP.

  • 99% of Golf is Skill

    One is born with talent; skill, however, is developed later in life. 99% of what one needs to succeed in golf is the skill.

    Tiger Woods
  • Golf; a never-ending learning adventure

    I have never completed 18 holes, without learning something new about the game of golf.

    Ben Hogan
  • Risk!

    Fear is the worst of all risks.

    Sam Snead
  • Concentration...

    Concentration is a joint product of confidence and a drive to succeed.

    Arnold Palmer
  • Golf imitates life

    No other game resembles the one we call life, as much as golf does. Sometimes a bad swing brings forth a great result, while at other times a good swing gets you in trouble. But, no matter what, you have to pick up the game from where the ball lands.

    Bobby Jones