3rd Beginners Golf Tournament

3rd Beginners Golf Tournament


The third installment of the Beginners Golf Tournament was held with 67 new golf players on October 7, Sunday, at the Ataşehir Golf Club.

The event marked the third tournament experience for adult and junior golfers, who impressed with their play, giving rise to competitive scenes. In the tournament, which was a 6-hole stableford style competition, Gürol Çelen took first place with 20 points; Bora Bilen was second with 18 points, while Çelik Özdemir scored an identical 18 points for third place.

In the Junior Category first place went to Deniz Sapmaz with 14 points; Sara Karacaoğlu scored 11 points and came in second and Ömer Koşar, who scored 11 points was third. The tournament continues and intends to provide a competitive experience to new and non-handicapped golfers.