4th Beginners Golf Tournament

4th Beginners Golf Tournament


Held at the Ataşehir Golf Club on December 22, 2018 Saturday, winners of the 4th Beginners Golf Tournament have been crowned.

Results of the Ataşehir Golf Club 4th Beginners Golf Tournament:

In the Handicap Category Deniz Çakıl won with 15 points, while Kaan Terzioğlu came in second with 13 points; third place went to Engin Taviloğlu who scored 11 points (last 3-6 points).

In the Beginners Category, the winner was Çelik Özdemir scoring 19 points (last 3-10 points). Alper Yapıcıkardeşler came in second with 19 points (last 3-8 points), while Koray Üçerler was third with 16 points.

In the Womens’ Category first prize went to Klaudia Sapmaz with 14 points. Semra Özeker came in second with 12 points, while Catherina Varsami Terzioğlu was third with 11 points.

In the Junior Category the championship cup was awarded to Emre Çakıl, who scored 14 points (last 3-8 points), Deniz Sapmaz was second with 14 points (last 3-6 points) and Tibet Karacaoğlu was third with 12 points (last 3-9 points).

The Nearest the Pin award went to Deniz Sapmaz with 4,95 meters.